Frequently asked questions.

Below you will find the answers to our frequently asked questions. If your questions aren't answered call us at 906-364-5188 or email rick@bigaxefirewood.com.

We simply reserve the cordage that you want and add your name to the list of deliveries, gather basic information and someone from our team will call back to verify everything prior to any deliveries being made.

Firewood is cut between 16-18” in length. We do have the ability to cut smaller length however the cost is additional. The size of our split wood shouldn’t exceed 6-9″.

We charge by the facecord which is 4’x4’x8’ and is $95 per cord. You can either pick up at our yard or we can deliver. There is a small delivery fee if you need delivery. We charge by the trip for delivery whether you order 1 cord or 6 delivery fee is the same.

Typically $45 but the driver will verify once the address is verified

We sell Mixed Hardwood, Primarily it is Hard Maple and Soft Maple

All our wood was winter cut wood, split this spring and summer and will be ideal for burning for this heating season.

We can haul up to 6 cords per trip. For larger orders we subcontract larger dump trucks which can haul up to 15 cords at a time.